KNAPP and technology

CAD department

You have an idea; we make it a reality. Or you are of course welcome to contribute your own suggestions and ideas. Based on your requirements, our creative packaging designers design the master layout for the best packaging solution. Our latest-generation CAD software makes it possible to have a realistic and easy-to-understand 3D simulation.

Further processing

From round, square, embossed or punched to everything in between: You say what you want, and we make it happen. Five punching machines from the latest generation of technology featuring direct piling along with five glueing machines give your product the last and decisive push before it goes onto our fully automated final packaging lines.


What does it look like? What does it feel like?
What version should I choose? Our special KNAPP service for you: If you like, we can make a prototype of your packaging that features the design you want and is printed on the original material. This puts you in a perfect position to decide, allowing you to see the result before the actual print run.



Our finishing techniques make almost everything possible! From cold foil finishing for metallic effects to a wide variety of different combinations of paints such as UV high gloss, textured, scented or soft touch.


For the economic production of small, medium-sized and large runs, we have a total of seven different state-of-the-art offset printers in lllb or half-size format. With inline coating and perfecting options and with spectrophotometric inline colour control that ensures a consistent printed image for the entire run.


Your printing data are examined in detail in our specialist department and prepared for the production process. The printing data are processed and printing plates and colour-consistent proofs produced in our in-house pre-press area.

Environmentally friendly production

From the very beginning we have been using water-based paints, and we mostly use recyclable materials or raw materials from sustainable forests. We do this to protect the environment and to take responsibility for future generations.