From Polyboard blistercards to the KNAPP Multicard:
printed and finished to perfection.

Our motto is that there is nothing we can’t do! We welcome the challenge of complex tasks and unusual client wishes. Everyone can do easy – and we can too of course, if that is what you want. Dedicated and motivated teams throughout the entire production process combined with our ultra-modern machinery are a guarantee of perfect packaging solutions.
Polyboard Blisterkarten

Polyboard® blistercard

With an environmentally friendly coating for excellent sealing results with PET, PVC and PLA blistercards. A wide range of finishes, e.g. cold foil stamping. Special variations such as double blister cards, windows and fold-out backs.


Nurpak® packaging system

Single-material packaging where the card and the box are made from cardboard, making it especially sustainable. A cut-out in the card or box allows the consumer to see the product.

Folding box

The classic packaging – recyclable and environmentally friendly. Wonderful finishes can be added with glossy coatings, matte-gloss effects, hot/cold foil stamping or metallic effects.


Poly headers

Cardboard tabs printed and finished to a high quality for pouch packaging with various punching. A specially developed coating on the back allows the headers to be sealed to all types of plastic pouches; metal clips are no longer necessary. Especially popular for foodstuffs, but also a clever solution for lots of other products.

Skin pack cardboard

Cardboard plus product with foil over it – packaging that protects optimum product protection really can be that simple. Also available with skin peel for fast opening without damaging the printed information.


A cardboard blister that showcases your product. Attention-grabbing and not expensive to produce.


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