Our creative packaging solutions showcase your products perfectly.

From original to classic or trendy, we design the packaging style to best suit your product. Rounded off with astonishing effects from our print finishing, bold punching and unconventional packaging shapes.

The right packaging! Made by KNAPP! 


What’s the best look? Sparkly, glamorous or natural? Sometimes colour is best, while other times a minimalist approach works better.
What matters is that a successful product needs recognisable packaging design in order to connect with the desired target group. From strategy and layout to effects and choice of materials, our young and creative team knows exactly what is at stake. The team is always focused on the strengths of your product and on giving you a competitive edge.


What do top models and top-selling products have in common? They fascinate, inspire, draw admiring glances, awaken desires and seduce us.
Unique packaging solutions ensure that a product is presented distinctively on the ‘catwalk’. From original to classic or trendy, we design the packaging style to best suit your product and showcase it in the best possible light. Rounded off with astonishing effects from the endless possibilities of our print finishing.


What does product packaging have to do with sensuality? Not a lot at first glance, but maybe you need to take a closer look.
See, touch, smell…

Sensitive packaging creations appeal to our senses and make us want what is inside. With harmonious or bold colour combinations that flatter the product. With tactile finishes or distinctive aromas that conjure up images in our heads.


So how does the suspense work? You have to make the customer curious, entice him or her to pick up the product, take it out of its packaging and discover it. Products that are cleverly and playfully hidden often sell like hot cakes because consumers are attracted to the refined packaging.
In the case of more unusual client wishes, we have to come up with particularly intelligent solutions for hiding the product. That’s when we are really in our element! By the way, our multi-functional packaging variants can also be used to disguise useful information such as anti-theft strips or special encoding.


What separates good packaging from excellent packaging? Good packaging doesn’t stand out, but excellent packaging says “Hey, look at me!” and informs a consumer’s decision to buy the product. That’s because, at the point of sale, first impressions last!
An unusual packaging solution gives your product the decisive competitive edge. Our innovative team of creatives will win you over with their bold punching, striking packaging and fascinating finishes.

Or simply with lots of space for expressive images and interactive features.

We would like to congratulate our employee Björn Eckhart, who completed his training as a media technologist for printing with us as the best in the state.

We are proud of him !